Installation of Digital locks

Installation of Digital locks

Free Installation – Digital Door Locks by Main Hardware

At Main Hardware, it is our practice that all Installations and Setting up are included in the price of the lock and the final product is your convenience and comfort using our products.

Installations with Main Hardware India are a breeze – we follow certain norms that ensure the Digital Lock in question is compatible with your door.

Before Installing, it is a practice for our company representatives to check the door based on certain parameters:

  1. Door Material – Wooden, Glass, Steel or other.
  2. Frame of the door to check latching and other functions are appropriately working.
    Below Picture for reference of a home Door along with Diagram.

As explained in Greater Detail on Archtoolbox


  1. Cavity in the Door based on Existing Lock on the Door
  2. Door Width
    • Most of Schlage Locks as on the manual can be installed on doors within that are within the door width range of 40 mm to 90 mm.


Image Shot at Main Hardware Office with sample board

Image Shot at client's residence, Bengalure Jan'23


Above is an example of how to measure the door width with respect to one of our Digital Door Lock Samples – Schlage SDL 7100 Push Pull Door Lock.

Only when the above four factors are a go ahead, our representative will open the box and check and ensure all the parts of the lock are intact and present at the location.

It is only after checking all parts that the company representatives will install the provided lock. This can be installed alongside other existing door hardware products or in place of existing one based on your need and functionality of your door.

In case you are in the market or require any information related to Digital Door Locks, Door Closers, or other door hardware product, please feel free to contact us at 18003138336.

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