Are Smart Locks better than Lock & Keys? FAQs with Convenience & Security in Mind

We live in a world where technology has taken the world by storm in the recent decade and the same way, the Door Hardware industry has seen a blend of Security and Convenience for the way forward.

In 200s, who would have thought that we could just press a button on the remote and say “Alexa, play the newest movie on Netflix” or simply give a command to a Google Home or Alexa device to perform a given task. This technology has become a very standard that we use in our daily life.

If this is very much a normal, this same technology that can be controlled by a handheld device has also percolated into Door Hardware in the form of Digital Door Locks. These Digital Locks or Smart Locks come in various sizes and with different features – Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth access, Card key and many more. Selecting the right lock for your door can be difficult but hope the below answered questions shall help.


1. Are Digital Door Locks the future?

Yes. Access to Home, Office, any newly built apartment complex, or more is on its way to become more convenient and secure as technology flourishes. In today’s date, a Digital Lock is a common sight in places in developed countries followed by the developing countries.


2. Do I need to carry a Key with a Smart Lock?

No, it is not essential to carry a physical metal key when a Digital Lock is installed. One has various other convenient and secure ways to unlock a Digital Lock. Schlage Digital Door Locks offer a Physical Key, PIN Access, Remote Access, Card Access along with Fingerprint Access depending upon the SKU.


3. Are Digital Door Locks Safe?

It can be safely said that Digital Door Locks are safer than conventional locks as well as tamper proof. In case, tampered with, a lot of Digital Locks trigger an Alarm sound.


4. How long does it take to install a Digital Door Lock?

Each lock differs in this respect. Some locks may take longer for our executives to install the lock on your door whereas some may take as long as 2 hours.


5. What is the risk of using Smart Door Locks?

There is zero risk in using in a Smart lock or a Digital Lock. The debate that comes in Home Locks with technology is mostly between security and convenience. If a digital lock is in use with access credentials or PIN, there would virtually be zero risk. Adding convenience features like opening the lock with IoT based applications and more may open possibilities for risk but extremely unlikely. Main Hardware and Schlage are premium brands that would much rather focus on security first and foremost and hence the locks are designed to give justice to that.


6. In case the Battery dies how would one be able to open the door?

Most locks come with a mechanical key which overrides the electronic locking function. In some SKUs offered by Schlage, a Mechanical key is not offered but a battery can be put against the emergency override and get the lock to function as shown below in the diagram:


For any more information or queries, please contact Main Hardware at 18003138336. Our executives will be able to understand your query better and attend to them better.


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